Our chicken is meticulously sliced according to our exact specifications, guaranteeing uniformity and precision in every piece. This attention to detail is a crucial part of our commitment to quality at The Grillax.

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The chicken undergoes a rapid freezing process, reaching temperatures as low as - 40 degrees Celsius. This deep freezing technique not only preserves the chicken's freshness but also ensures its safety and quality, a crucial step in our commitment to serving premium grilled cuisine at The Grillax.



After the initial blasting, the chicken is transported to our various outlets and franchise locations, maintaining a consistent temperature of -18 degrees Celsius throughout the journey. This controlled environment safeguards the quality and safety of the chicken until it's ready for the grilling process at The Grillax.

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Upon arrival at our outlets and franchise locations, the chicken continues to be stored in specialized freezers, maintaining a constant temperature of -18 degrees Celsius. This strict cold storage ensures the preservation of freshness, flavor, and safety until it's prepared for grilling at The Grillax.



When the chicken is ready for grilling, it undergoes a meticulous thawing process. Over a period of 48 hours, it is carefully thawed in a precisely controlled environment set at 4°C. This gradual thawing ensures the chicken's quality and taste are preserved before it's grilled to perfection at The Grillax.



Before grilling, we coat our chicken with our signature main marination, infusing it with the irresistible Grillax flavor. This meticulous process culminates in serving our delectable grilled chicken to our eager guests. Precision is at the heart of our approach, guaranteeing perfection in every bite.