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About The Grillax

Where passion for grilling meets innovation. We serve sizzling, globally inspired grilled
cuisine, redefining dining with every bite.

The Beginning

The Grillax ignited its grilling journey in 2017, sparked by the vision of industry veterans. Pioneering precision grilling and automation, we transformed into a thriving, multi-location brand, setting new standards in culinary innovation.

Are we a Food Tech company?

A merger of the words food and technology — refers companies and projects use technologies to turn the traditional food businesses into a more modern, sustainable and efficient business models.

We’re indeed a Food Tech company and we’re using lot of technologies and precession machineries.

  • To significantly reduce human dependency.
  • To maintain zero food wastage.
  • To maintain the consistency in taste and quality across all outlets.
  • To reduce food costs, overheads and increase profitability.

Our Food Policy

Our food policy is centered on serving exclusively grilled cuisine, staying true to our concept. We prioritize quality, consistency, and innovation in every dish, continually introducing new signature items within our grilled food framework.

Our Core Values

Our core values revolve around authenticity, consistency, innovation, and community. We’re dedicated to serving only grilled food, maintaining a uniform taste, introducing novel concepts, and fostering a loyal Grillax family.